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Pristine Catskill Mountains

New York City drinking water is world-renowned for its quality.  New York City’s water is collected from snow runoff in the Catskills in a system of reservoirs located in unspoiled areas upstate, more than 100 miles north of the city.  Each day, more than 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean water are delivered to NYC from pristine reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains.

New York City has one of the cleanest water systems in the world and it all starts in the Catskill Mountains.  Now you can get honey that is harvested from this same environment that is free from commercial agriculture. 

How Its Made

Honey from wildflowers and trees.  With no commercial agriculture in range of our apiaries,  honey is made from only wild nectar sources.  This means honey crops rely on the whim of Mother Nature and each crop is different from the next.  Color and flavor is always unique as the wild sources are always changing.  Enjoy truly wild sourced honey.

Our honey is packed in glass only.  We do not want to take the risk of leaching that can happen with plastic containers. We have many customers that insist on glass to get the finest quality honey.


Shipping To These Countries

United States (US)

Shipping Policy

All order shipped by USPS Priority Mail.  A fee of $12.80 for a flat rate box can hold:

1-2 Quarts

1-3 Pints

1 Quart and 1-2 Pints

We can only ship to the USA.

Returns & Exchanges

We can not accept returns on honey.  Cancelations accepted prior to shipping.

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