Tawatinaw Spirit – @wwf & @carey-page offering natural food, medicine, healing and knowledge while stewarding the land

I am so proud and honored to introduce you to Tawatinaw Spirit, one of our newest vendors in Homesteaders Co-op. Tawatinaw Spirit is run by @carey-page and @wwf, a couple who have dedicated their lives to seeking truth, independence, self reliance, spirit and community. They are living off grid on their homestead in Canada and have decided to open their new online shop to share their handmade, homegrown products and ethical services to our steem communities.


What I really appreciate from getting to know @wwf here on steem is that he and @carey-page are both dedicated to healing and reconnecting with spirit. The most incredible thing to me is that they are committed to not compromising their ethics. The results of their work is apparent in their teachings, their language and their actions.

I am excited that @carey-page and @wwf have decided to open up shop and share the results of their hard work and joy for living naturally and simply.

Tawatinaw Spirit now accepts STEEM, SBD as well as USD for handmade items, healing herbs, spiritual mentorship, and ebooks

In their own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

My husband @wwf and I have been homesteading since 2007 and work hard to be spiritual stewards of the land so that all life may prosper. I am a medicine woman and I practice homeopathy and a whole range of healing modalities, health and wellness. We pick food and medicine from the land and want to offer our knowledge and products so that others may learn to steward the land for themselves.

We harvest sustainably from the land that we steward. We have 72 acres of virgin northern boreal forest on the banks of the Tawatinaw Valley in northern Alberta. We only harvest when the season permits it. What we do harvest is then dried in our solar food dehydrator and stored for the coming year. Any excess food and medicine will be offered to our friends so that you all may experience the type of life style that we have embraced for over a decade.

All of our writings, crafts, etc is made with solar energy and materials gathered off the land or salvaged and then repurposed. There are a few items that we are not currently able or willing to make ourselves, so those items are purchased so that we can complete specific projects.

We currently do not have an inventory of products, but will work hard this coming season to build that up. We will do our best to mark when products will be available.

We are willing to do custom orders. Those orders will require time in order to complete them.

You can browse @carey-page and @wwf‘s products at: Tawatinaw Spirit on Homesteaders Co-op

For Canadian customers

@carey-page is offering this beautiful handmade crocheted bag! I can appreciate that a lot of time and love must have gone into crafting this hand bag.


And then there are the dried medicinal herbs and seeds grown and wildcrafted by @carey-page and @wwf such as Nettle, Hazelnut Tree leaves and Pueblo Tobacco Seeds.


Hazel nut trees are amazing plants. The shaft has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples to help toddlers while they are teething. The squirrels engage in agriculture here as they plant hazel nuts every fall resulting in a lot of hazel nut shrubs on this land. We use the green fresh leaves in salads during the summer and dry them for tea. We urge people to do their research before consuming natural products to ensure they do not interact with current medications or other sensitivities.


I do believe that @carey-page will be adding more handmade items, herbs and other homegrown products as time goes on. I believe I heard that she may even consider offering her healing services in the near future.


I have already read the first few chapters of @wwf‘s Graduating Life with Honors and it has already begun to help me shift my understanding of our world and learn how to be a more independent thinker. For those that can’t afford the eBook @wwf has a free version on steem. But at $2.50 there is nearly no excuse not to support his hard work with a purchase.

Here is an excerpt from chapter one:

I see people waking up all over the world. Since the release of UNGRIP back in October 2011, I have been contacted by thousands of people who resonated with the idea of self-governance, taking back our power and declaring peace. People recognize that there is something terribly wrong with the world right now. Our political, economic, financial and social systems are broken and very sick. That illness has manifested in significant damage to the environment, our health, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. People are dying or suffering greatly, so people are hitting the streets in droves in many countries around the world. People know something is wrong and they are standing up and speaking their minds. This is a healthy step in the process and is one that I encourage as long as it remains peaceful.
My goal and intent for this book is to speak directly to all the spirits out there who are in possession of a physical body and caught up in the fictional realm that we all co-created. I want to reach out to you all and show you that we are all capable of finding a meaningful balanced and centred life through self-governance that is rooted in a deep and profound relationship with the Creator, ourselves and others, all based from the point of view of the I AM, the soul/spiritual being rather than the point of view of the body caught up in the Physical Realm or the person caught up in the Fictional Realm.


Here is another beautiful offering by @wwfSpiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship is a journey that works to heal our relationship with self, Creator, others and Mother Earth. It requires a balance approach between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Just as we all had teachers to help us learn a specific subject, parents to guide us when we were young, we too should have a Spiritual Mentor to help challenge us along our individual journeys. Spiritual Mentors can help provide guidance or share their own wisdom in certain circumstances. Perhaps there are key skills or knowledge required in order to accomplish specific goals or tasks. Maybe you are facing some tough choices or feel stuck and need somebody to bounce ideas or share feelings. A Spiritual Mentor is somebody that can provide that help to guide the individual’s personal growth towards Spiritual Health and helping us fulfill our live purpose. Spiritual Mentors will hold us accountable, engage with us on an individual basis and help us embrace this physical experience from a Spirit centric modality.

Tawatinaw Spirit is based out of Canada and ships only within Canada. eBooks and Spiritual mentorship are available anywhere. (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)

Learn more about Tawatinaw Spirit and browse their products: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/tawatinaw-spirit/

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