Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up to sell on Homesteaders Co-op?

Homesteader vendors are vetted and approved to open a shop on the Homesteaders Co-op. We are looking for vendors that are homesteaders, producing products sustainably, micro or family run businesses and committed to the Steem homesteading community. You can learn more here.

Are there any costs involved in being a vendor on Homesteaders Co-op?

No. Vendor accounts with the Homesteaders Co-op are free. In return we ask our vendors to provide up to 1 full up-vote a day and consider delegating Steem Power to @homesteaderscoop. You can learn more here.

  • No monthly fees
  • No listing fees
  • No commissions
  • No transaction fees

How decentralized is Homesteaders Co-op?

Homesteaders Co-op is built on top of open source software WordPress and WooCommerce which are battle tested and reliable platforms. By their nature they are centralized. However, here are some ways in which we operate in a community and quasi-decentralized fashion:

  1. Though our core software (WordPress and WooCommerce) are centralized in that they run on a single server, operated by one group of people, they are Free Open Source software. This means MANY individuals and teams have contributed free code in order to make the software quality, efficient and secure. Thus we can benefit from the development, of these software we rely on, being decentralized.
  2. Payments are made directly between customers and vendors. We simply help provide a marketplace but payments are direct to vendors. This is true for USD, STEEM and SBD.
  3. STEEM and SBD payments are made via decentralized steem blockchain with absolutely no middleman in the transactions.
  4. Important decisions about Homesteaders Co-op are made by our community at large and by our community leaders.
  5. A growing number of roles are being taken on by our community members in an effort to share the responsibilities of building, marketing and guiding our community marketplace.

In future versions of Homesteaders Co-op we can evolve or rebuild the system to be more decentralized if there is a strong need.

How do vendors receive funds for orders that are placed for their products?

Payments are made directly between customers and vendors with no middle man in the transaction in true peer-to-peer fashion. We facilitate a venue for shopping so that both customer and vendor can find each other and provide value for each other. When it comes time for a transaction to be made the transaction is directly between customer and vendor.

What are the responsibilities of the vendors on the Homesteaders Co-op?

You can learn more about Vendors’ responsibilities and guidelines on our Seller Policy page.

Are there any limits to the number of products vendors can upload?

No, there is no limit to number of products. But if we find that you are abusing this by posting spam/duplicate products we will ask you not to do so.

In general, we suggest that our vendors focus on quality over quantity in order not to dilute your product offerings. Quality over quantity is one of the criteria we will be looking for in our vendors.

Who can buy homesteader products at Homesteaders Co-op?

Anyone can purchase products from this marketplace. Customers do not have to be homesteaders to shop here!

How are Taxes handled with Homesteaders Co-op vendor stores?

At this time we are not offering automatic tax calculations on vendor’s behalf for orders placed in Homesteaders Co-op. There are so many sales tax rules in different countries, regions, counties and cities – and because we are serving multiple vendors in different countries and regions, the complexity multiples rapidly. Rather than trying to jerry-rig a solution for automatic tax calculation (which could be prone to error) we choose simplicity. To do it right requires a lot of time and/or funds.

So for the time being we do not offer automated tax calculations within our system. Thus we suggest that if your local laws require you collect tax that you price your products accordingly and then keep track of tax that you are responsible for. In other words you should price your products inclusive of tax and make that known to your customers.

While tracking and paying sales tax is completely your responsibility as a merchant, we as the marketplace do want the process to be as smooth as possible for you and so we will continue to evaluate possibilities for calculating tax on your behalf in the future.

Thank you for understanding the limitations of our website regarding taxes.