Viggi Handmade by @irenethemachine – Hand sewn wallets and pouches for SBD

Viggi Handmade accepts SBD for her hand sewn wallets, pouches and zero-waste party decorations.

What is amazing is that 20 trees are planted for every item purchased at Viggi Handmade! You can enjoy spending your SBD for quality handmade products, support a fellow steemian and help the environment at the same time.

You can browse Viggi Handmade products at:


Viggi Handmade has already added a few wallets to her product line at the time of this writing (I have a feeling more are coming soon :). I am really enjoying the patterns and beautiful craftsmanship.




Learn more about Viggi Handmade’s passion for sewing and supporting the environment at her store:

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