Weave to Empower – Women’s Off-Grid Handmade Co-op

Weave to Empower accepts SBD for handmade sustainable textiles, crafts, jewelry and more.

This group of off grid single mothers from Granada, Spain have banded together their collective talents to create an artisan co-op in order to support one another. We are so pleased that they are offering their products on Homesteaders Co-op! @trucklife-family, one of the Weave to Empower members, is helping to bring their women’s co-op to steem!

You can browse Weave to Empower products at:



Weave to Empower have already uploaded some stunning naturally died Kimonos and other textiles to their product catalog. I know that they are working on adding more products in the very near future including jewelry and more.





Learn more about Weave to Empower: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/weave-to-empower/

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