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    Mom & Pop vendors accepting USD, STEEM & SBD for their handmade, sustainable, homegrown and ethically sourced products.
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Homesteaders Co-op is a community marketplace where homesteaders around the world offer handmade, sustainable goods for USD, STEEM or SBD

Community Marketplace?

Yes, Community!!! Our marketplace is not operated like a company. It is run by a community of individuals that connect over a shared mission to create resiliency for our members. We want independence and economic viability for our hard work, while living more sustainably and giving back to our planet.

An Ethical, Free Marketplace

💪 Vendors are empowered to keep 100% of proceeds (no commissions);
💪 Customers and Vendors are empowered to transact directly with each-other;
💚 Homesteaders Co-op is not a middleman in financial transactions.


Steem, a social blogging platform, has provided a safe and open community space where homesteaders exchange knowledge, support and camaraderie. We are proud that homesteaders are rewarded with STEEM tokens for sharing knowledge and experience. We welcome this alternative currency alongside USD in our marketplace.

Our Mission

  • to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  • to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  • to offer more market options for using STEEM

New Products


12.81 STEEM
5.849 SBD


12.81 STEEM
5.849 SBD

Moth and Koi Fish Tote Bag

Sale! Sale! $20.00$25.00 20% off
43.059 STEEM
19.66 SBD
face masks


12.81 STEEM
5.849 SBD

Purple Garlic

Out of Stock $6.00 Out of Stock
12.918 STEEM
5.898 SBD

Mandala & Brown Fox tote Bag

Sale! Sale! $10.00$15.00 33% off
21.529 STEEM
9.83 SBD

Ready to Open Shop?

Are you a steem homesteader, or earth friendly individual or family, with products that you'd like to offer for sale in exchange for STEEM and SBD, as well as USD? We are on the lookout for individuals and families making physical or digital products with an emphasis on handmade, sustainable, environmentally sound, locally sourced, and/or composed of biodegradable materials. As a Co-op, we are committed to cooperation not corporation. We value rootsy, mom and pop businesses, micro-farms, artisans, and anyone who adopts a "homesteading mindset" in their products and/or lifestyle.