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💪 Vendors are empowered to keep 100% of proceeds (no commissions).
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  • to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  • to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  • to reward individuals that take sustainable actions in their lives and livelihood

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by Patricia Gleason

So excited to plant these. This is the second time I have purchased from this vendor and I have to ...

by Patricia Gleason

This is the second time I have ordered products from him. I received them in a timely fashion and l...

by Fritzie Gaccione

This is a delightful tale for young readers. The photographs are perfectly aligned with the story de...

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Hello From Northern Canada

I also am trying to reduce waste and live simply. My heart yearns for this so very much I don’t think I can contain myself. Limiting what I eat is one of the first things I do personally. It doesn’t feel to me that I need to eat so much and I think maybe it’s just because I try an…

Hailee Valley

What are ways you involve the kids in gardening?

I have a big thing about food security and if you can get the children involved in the garden and learning to grow their own food they may never have to know hunger. They will know how to turn seeds into sprouts or food producing plants. They will know what it takes to grow your own food and put fo…

Porters Place

What's Growing In Your Garden?

Because of our bee and butterfly population going to basically zero here in our neighborhood, my neighbors and I have been planting wildflowers and nurturing flowers more than our fruit trees and berry bushes and veggie plots. My dandelions bloomed several weeks ago and we saw several butterflies o…


Sourdough question

Hey y’all, The wife and I are trying our hand at bread making, and we want to try sourdough first because we love it. We’re starting our starter in a mason jar, equal parts water and flour and removing some as it gets pretty big, but it keeps dying after a few days. Seems straightforw…

Foxfire Homestead

Ready to Open Shop?

Are you a homesteader or earth friendly? We are on the lookout for individuals and families making physical or digital products with an emphasis on sustainable, environmentally sound, locally sourced, and/or composed of biodegradable materials. As a Co-op, we are committed to cooperation not corporation. We value rootsy, mom and pop businesses, micro-farms, artisans, and anyone who adopts a "homesteading mindset" in their products and/or lifestyle.