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💪 Vendors are empowered to keep 100% of proceeds (no commissions).
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  • to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  • to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  • to reward individuals that take sustainable actions in their lives and livelihood

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by Quoc Huy Nguyen Dinh on Apr 18

The garlic were very healthy. I received the package pretty quick.

by Natacha A. Yearwood on Apr 2

I watch Papa Pepper on You Tube and really enjoy the way he and his family are living. I'm a beginne...

by Aistovo39 on Mar 18

I recently bragged about buying the book "Earthship Chronicles" by Alex Leeor. Today, when the book ...

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What do you thing about having community gardens on church land? Getting Started

I don’t know about you but when I see vast open spaces on properties like churches or schools I want to see it turned into community gardens! Heck! I think it is more important to have a space to grow your food than to park your car and if places can have huge parking lots why can’t the…

 Porters Place

высокопрочные водоподъемные трубы из нПВХ Черемхово

Наша производственная компания осуществляет услуги по восстановлению и очистки водопроводов современным способом гидродинамической очистки на новейшем оборуд…


Hello from Oz

Gooday! I’m @ligayagardener, representing us folk at Ligaya Garden in South Oz. We’ve been playing with all kinds of ideas for sustainability and beyond and are about ready to start flogging ebooks and garden related stuff here on homesteaderscoop…


Anyone in the co-op tried to grow/ship microgreens

Hey y’all I have been looking into growing microgreens and was wondering if anyone else in the co-op is familiar with growing them as a business.

 Greg Doud

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Are you a homesteader or earth friendly? We are on the lookout for individuals and families making physical or digital products with an emphasis on sustainable, environmentally sound, locally sourced, and/or composed of biodegradable materials. As a Co-op, we are committed to cooperation not corporation. We value rootsy, mom and pop businesses, micro-farms, artisans, and anyone who adopts a "homesteading mindset" in their products and/or lifestyle.